Equipment Rental / Technical Supporting

Provide equipment rental service, help our customers reduce costs, save equipment investment, expand the scope of services, improve ability to bid.
Also provide technical personnel, technology supporting, component supply, and maintenance. Confirm equipment under perfect condition.
For customer convenience: Share Revenue, Short-term Rental / Long-term Rental, Single Tool Rental / Fullset Rental.

Logging-While-Drilling (MWD / LWD) System
Common Coiled Tubing Drilling
Openhole Wireline Logging System
Production Logging System
Engineering Logging System
Formation Sidewall Coring System
Pressure Test & Sampling System
Vertical Seismic Profile (VSP) / Fracturing Monitor System

Wireline Formation Sidewall Coring Tool (FCT) to Weatherford:

Technical Supporting in Middle East:

Wireline Training for Middle East customers:

Logging While Drilling Training for South American customers: